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Group training class

Please read the description before booking!

Service Description

IMPORTANT - This group class is for dogs 6 months and over that already have a rough grasp of their basic cue's ie. Sit, Lay and Stay, leave and drop and are not overly human or dog aggressive. All classes are held OUTSIDE here at the park. Please contact me via Whatsapp for more information on 083 0954861 or via the contact form on the site. What we will cover-- *Focus and engagement A dog who is ENGAGED knows that payments come from their handler and is motivated to work WITH their human. *Loose leash walking and leash skills Knowing when to slacken the leash is as important as knowing when to apply the brakes!! *Taking your basics to the next level All dogs can sit and lay but can they sit and lay and stay while people and other dogs are moving, this course will help get you and your dog to that next level. *Dealing with Distractions With the built-in distractions of other people, dogs, and toys they’ll develop the discipline to respond to your cues when out and about. The Benefits of Group Dog Training Built-In Socialization for you and Your Dog Dogs are social animals! Most of them love to be around other dogs, but they have to learn how to do it appropriately. Group training offers the socialization your pup needs and opportunities to work, under the guidance of a qualified experienced trainer, on learning how to listen to you when meeting new dogs or playing with friends. Dealing with Distractions Life doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it’s loud and distracting and we all have to learn to deal with it. Learning skills while dealing with distractions can be challenging at first, but in the long run, your dog will learn to tune out the distractions she faces and tune into you. With the built-in distractions of other people and dogs, they’ll develop the discipline to respond to your cues when out and about. Affordability Group classes are a more affordable option over the in home training packages making them accessible to more people. If this is your first experience working with a dog trainer, it’s an affordable way to dip your paw in to discover your unique needs while covering the basics. At F.E.T.C.H we you want to develop strong bonds and a loving, harmonious relationship with the dog that shares your home, your family, and your life.

Cancellation Policy

Refunds and Cancellations • Any cancellations must be notified a minimum of 48hrs before the park session or consultation starts. There are no exceptions for any reasons (you are responsible for making sure your dog’s vaccines are up to date, and a family member can attend the course on known dates etc prior to booking). Failure to notify us of a cancellation within this time frame will result in no refund and you will have to book a new course at full price • Full fee will be due if you do not cancel your place 48hrs in advance to give us a chance to fill it,. • There will be no refund if you fail to attend a consultation or park appointment which is fully paid. • There will be no partial refunds for missed classes. • All refunds are processed minus the credit card and website charges if this was your method of payment as this is non-refundable. (5% approx) • All other cancellation and refund requests are at the discretion of the Fetch Dog Trainers management and dependent on individual circumstances. • All consultations are held at your home or other suitable locations unless otherwise agreed on. • Register for training services by completing our Training Consultation form. A session is not confirmed until we have received payment. • All arrangements are made by email. • We can only provide in-home sessions within our coverage area. • By forwarding payment, you agree to the terms of service laid out in your Booking Email and on our website.

Contact Details

  • Fetch Dog Trainers & Adventure Park, Walshtown Beg, Ballincurrig, County Cork, T56 TK76, Ireland

    083 0954861

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