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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My dogs

Fully certified and insured, we will proudly produce all certs if requested.



My aim is to help others build a bond with their family pet.

I have spent over 12 years training and working with rescue dogs from several shelters, many of whom were reactive or in many cases scared, all while promoting no-pain, no-fear and no-force dog training. I do good, I feel good. Training should not make you or your dog feel bad, it should be uplifting and enjoyable both ends of the leash and both of you should be working as a team. I believe in inclusivity, whatever your background my only interest is helping you help your dog. I have numerous courses and seminars in the field canine behaviour completed under some of the biggest names in their field. 


I can offer 1-2-1 consultations in your own home, at your local park, beach or anywhere you feel you need the most help, you can also avail yourself of the option to train at my peaceful outdoor facility complete with a dog park with over an acre of grassland for your canine buddy to decompress after training.

If you're ready to begin your training and behaviour journey, let's chat! Please get in touch for a free, no strings attached call to discuss how I can help you. 

It’s important to understand that problem behaviours in dogs are not your fault and that positive dog training is positive for owners too

I thought I knew and understood dogs, but with formal education, I now have a scientific understanding of our furry friends. This has led to a new career in training dogs whilst continuing to further advance my studies in the field of Canine Behaviour, specializing in the many forms of canine reactivity and aggression. Reactivity and aggression is a huge subject encompassing many forms, meaning a lot of the behaviour problems that we see in dogs stem from normal dog behaviour which just do not mesh with living in a home with a human family. Reactivity cases are my absolute favourite to work with. Many of my services are designed specifically with this often misunderstood dogs in mind- helping you to build practical skills, develop confidence in yourself and your dog, improve your relationship, AND get the results you're looking for. Infact, many of these services were built on creating something that I once would have benefitted from when I worked through reactivity with 2 of my own dogs. There is never any judgement, just love and support from myself and the incredible community of reactive dog owners that I have built. I offer a 'holistic' approach, looking at every factor impacting your dogs behaviour and addressing the root cause of your dogs reactivity as opposed to solely tackling the symptoms. Reactivity is often an emotionally-taxing problem to deal with, but the moments where you begin to see how much your dog has changed and grown is beyond magic. Dealing with reactivity is never a quick fix, but I'm here to give you the skills to begin your dogs transformation.






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